The Vietnam War WITF Stories

Welcome Aboard<span>– Suzanne D.</span>

New Home, New Hope – Carol M.

There are Always Two Sides to the Story! – Lou L.

Pararescue in Southeast Asia<span>– Ember C.</span> War’s Indignities and Graces<span>– India G.</span> My first day in Vietnam <span>– Richard W.</span>

Volunteering in Zambia – Dale B.

Vietnam memories – Barb L.

Wake up, you’ve got a call from Vietnam. – Lonnie F.

Hanged in E-town – J. K. Kreider

The Hero I never knew<span> – Tony R.</span>

A Marine’s Son – Stephen C.

The Secret War<span> – Michael B.</span> Still Unsettled<span> – Donald M.</span> Interview with a Marine<span>– Jeffrey B.</span>

Michael – Trish S.

The almost last person drafted for Vietnam – Tom W.

“Capt. Frank Hills Flies 200 Combat Missions”

Mr. Hanh– Virginia P.

Our children from Vietnam– Linda S.

Vietnamese refugees– Linh N.

For the American Dream– Khanh-Ha N.

Write a letter as if you’re dead – Dennis S.

Cambodian Nurse<span>– Keith S.</span> My life as the spouse of a member of the Philadelphia Resistance<span> – Kathy C</span>

Life in the Philippines during the Vietnam War – Joe P.

The Wall of Faces Project – Seeks Pennsylvanians What South Vietnam Looked Like<span>– Gary L.</span>

Letter Home 31 August 1966 – Frank H.

Not by Choice but Proud of Service – William K.

My Dear Vietnam Veteran – Renata D.

On the sidelines – Marc B.

Speech to a World Cultures Class<span>– Tom F.</span> A tropical paradise with 5000 GI’s<span>– Jerry M.</span> Remembering our Brothers<span> – Bill C.</span>

The Path Taken – John O.

Refugees from war settle in Lebanon Valley

Thought we could help – Mark W.

An Unfinished Story – Kathleen W.

With love, Chau – Nancy F.

If I smell diesel and garbage together it’s like a flashback. – Tom F.

Unknowable – George K.

Miss Valenti and the Viet Nam War – Cindy H.

When you’re on patrol<span> – Don B.</span>

My First Memories In This World – Kimberly S.

A Meditation On Life Post-Vietnam<span>– Larry S.</span> Remembering the Good We did in Vietnam<span>– Gary L.</span>

Hauling live enemy ammo into our firebase – Tom F.

American Story about Mike<span> – Spike S. </span>

Love Changes a Mind – Charles Mc.

MACV Advisor’s Role<span>– David C.</span>

Kept in the dark – Rick L.

The Cemetery and the Wall – Titus P.

A Faraway Look In His Eyes – Tom B.

Our Babies, Our Disgrace<span> – Gary M.</span>

Vietnam Vets and the Antiwar Movement – Steven N.

Commitment of a Conscientious Objector – Dale R.

Heads You Die, Tails I live<span> – Karl P.</span>

Collateral Damage – Deb H.

A young man in 1964 – Harold R.

Letter Home 24 July 1966 – Frank H.

To Love the Enemy<span> – Doug H.</span> A Trip Downtown<span> – Jerry Z.</span>

The Rear Guard in Vietnam – Michael R.

Inspiration for National Vietnam Veterans Day of Recognition– Harold R.

After USS Newport News Vietnam Cruise<span> – Ron A.</span>

The Perils of a Helicopter War– Gary L.

Quote from 15th century Vietnamese poet– Randall V.

Draft Board #13 – John Y.

Vietnam-Era Conscientious Objector – Darwin S.

A life experience in Vietnam – Rod D.

Kent State – Carol C.

The longest year of my life – Deborah S.

A Draftee Who Served at The Pentagon From ’66 to ‘68– John S.

USMC 63-69: Not everyone in the 60’s wore Love Beads<span> – Vern A.</span>

The 281st Assault Helicopter Company

The Quaker Delegate – Robert N.

Share Your Story

Letter Home 26 September 1966 – Frank H.

Signal Troop in da Nam – Karl A.

A Caution – David D.

Battling the Vietcong with Artillery<span>– Gary L.</span> My Vietnam Playlist<span>– Ron A.</span>

Everybody had a camera – Frank G.

Thank you for your service<span> – Jason G.</span>

Unbelievable Monsters– Gary L.

What I got for doing the right thing – Guy D.

Shot Down at Tuy Hoa – Lou L.

The Cruise to War December 11 -31ST, 1966<span>– Gary L.</span>

U.S. military did not lose war in Vietnam– Gary L.

The Lottery – Douglas D.

A Viet Nam-Era Conscientious Objector’s Tale – James S.

Letter Home 14 September 1966 – Frank H.

Letter Home 1 November 1966 – Frank H.

A Story of Hope<span> – Robert B.</span>

Memories of a civilian dependent in Saigon 1967 – 1970 – Erica B.

Helpless to help<span> – Janice K.</span>

Mothers – Jerry L.

Two Purple Hearts in 89 days – Jack K.

Early in the war – Robert R.

Free Mail; Letters from Vietnam

Q & A with Filmmakers of “The Vietnam War”

The Wounded Children<span> – Donald S.</span>

Travel to the A Shau Valley – Chaplain Grover D.

I Painted My Windows: A Poem – Philip J.

January 7 1967 a day in Vietnam – John S.

A Combat Radio and Puff the Magic Dragon – Herbert M.

I wasn’t afraid to die. I was afraid of dying stupid. – Joe B.

An Army Nurse Perspective on Vietnam<span> – Phyllis C.</span> 2016 Clifton Morenci High School Reunion <span> – Ron A.</span>

I’m no religious man, but someone was looking over us. – Thomas N.

Antiwar poet at 13 years old – Sandra I.

Vietnam: One Child’s Perspective – Jerry S.

George Rodriquez

What the hell have I gotten myself into?<span> – Dennis O.</span> Hearing from “The Other Side”<span> – Luke M.</span>

Christmas to Christmas – Richard O.

Letter Home 16 August 1966 – Frank H.

Father’s Orders – Linda S.

A Coin Called Remember<span> – Eric B.</span>

The Scores and the Lottery – John S.

Lebanon Marine<span>– Thomas R.</span>

My real education in the Air Force – Stephen C.

My War Was Different<span> – Joe B.</span>

By the runway – Mahlon F.

Christmas in August – Trina B.

A Vietnam War Love Story<span>– James U.</span>

1st day in Country – Greg N.

The Suicide<span> – Dennis S.</span>

A Veteran’s Playlist: The Top 10 Vietnam War Songs – Doug B.

What I Saw – Phil W.

Recent Traumatic Experiences – Chaplain Grover D.

The Many Faces of South Vietnam 1967<span>– Gary L.</span> Chairborne!<span> – Alan S.</span>

My Role -Chaplain Grover D.

Vietnam on My Shoulder<span> – Jay S.</span> My Short Tour<span> – Bruce D.</span>

Vietnam memories vs Viet Nam memories – Bob S.

In-processing the Vietnamese for the INS at Ft. Indiantown Gap– Theresa Lynn R.

Protesting, Idealism – Lynn K.

Marine “Three Times Dead”<span>– Chuck R.</span>

Lures – Jerry L.

Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another – Mike G.

11 July 1966 Letter Home– Frank H.

You were always aware of where you were. – Keith M.

My nephew, David – Beryl M.

Xuan Loc base camp – Larry W.

Alice’s Restaurant, Jr. – Jim Mc.

Marc’s Memories

It was my turn – David W.

Fireworks – Michael C.

December 13, 1968 – Kathy D.

Purple Heart<span> – Dennis S.</span> A Vietnam Requiem<span>– John B</span> Fire on the Flight Deck<span> – Lou B.</span> Memories -Pictures- Reunions!<span> – Robert C.</span>

War Technology and War Taxes – Maynard S.

One Christmastime…<span>– Randall V.</span>

A Marine pilot’s letter to a Conscientious Objector – Herb H.